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he Retreat Center of Saint Benedict's Abbey, Benet Lake, Wisconsin, exists for only one purpose: To serve you the Retreatant as you strive to develop a more intimate relationship with the Ultimate Concern of life - God.

We are Benedictine monks living in a monastic fraternity under the guidance and inspiration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as shaped by the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict.

This monastery, founded in March, 1945, has from the beginning welcomed retreatants into its life and prayer. This "welcoming" is always shaped by the needs of those who come. For this reason, what we do has changed over these many years. However, within the change a core value remains, that we strive to love God and neighbor with all we have and are.

Our center is open to all who truly seek God. We welcome those who are just beginning their search as well as those who have almost arrived, including naturally, the many in between.

Our common experience tells us that prayer is what most effectively connects us with God, our Ultimate Concern. It is God and God alone who qualifies all our seeking as well as our arriving and answers the question as to the meaning of life.

The prayer of the monks of Benet Lake is that your time here, dwelling on these "Grounds for Prayer," will be that you truly experience God. May you be so grasped!

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